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HUMA Is The Official Race Gel in 2020

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2020 Finisher Medal Includes a Unique & Inspirational Feature

Running a race is not something that everyone chooses or is able to do.  But as a Delaware Running Festival finisher, you will be able to earn a special Inspiration Coin to present to the person who has motivated and encouraged you to run.  Sid Busch, a decorated military veteran and longtime participant in Corrigan Sports events, inspired CSE to develop this idea.  With each event, Sid selects a fallen solider and presents his finisher medal to the surviving family after the race.  Having witnessed the moving exchange, we felt that everyone should have the opportunity to show those who have inspired their effort how much they mean to them.

Similar to the tradition of American military Challenge Coins issued by members of the US armed forces, law enforcement, and firefighters, these coins symbolize unit identity and unity. Coins have been made for small units, the offices of top leaders and for special events and anniversaries.  It has also become customary to present coins to dignitaries and special guests as a sign of welcoming and respect.

Many service members and veterans proudly display coins they have been given, showing off the many missions they’ve been on, the top leaders they’ve met and the units for which they’ve worked.

With that tradition in mind, the Delaware Running Festival will mint its own Inspiration Coin and embed it as part of your finisher medal.  The medal design will allow the finishers to remove the magnetic coin to share with a special someone who inspired their participation, while still having their own medal to keep.

So, here is YOUR Challenge.  Register for the race.  Train and prepare.  And on race day, after completing whatever distance you run, take the Inspiration Coin you have earned and present it to that special someone.  Hopefully they will proudly display that Inspiration Coin much like members of the military have for decades and pay it forward with your efforts in mind when they do.

We all have someone who inspires us to achieve greatness, or maybe even reach the finish line.  Who will you share your Inspiration Coin with?

  • Family Member
  • Teacher
  • Military Veteran
  • Co-Worker
  • Friend
  • Stranger

The choice is yours.  You just have to finish to earn it.


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Marathon Course to Utilize the Jack A. Markell Trail

The New Route will Eliminate the Double Loop Marathon Course by Using the Jack A. Markell Trail

The 2019 Delaware Marathon will include a significant route update!  We are finalizing some course changes that will affect the full marathon and team relay courses.  Based on runner feedback from last year we’ve eliminated the old two-loop marathon course.  The marathon course will continue to run through some of the most scenic parts of downtown Wilmington but the changes will unify the full, half and team relay courses so everyone uses the same routes for the first 13 miles.   There will be no significant changes to the half marathon course.

The second half of the marathon course will utilize much of the newly opened Jack Markell Trail. The trail connects the Wilmington Riverfront and New Castle Battery Park along an off-road pathway consisting of elevated boardwalk, and paved pathways. The trail winds past many popular destinations, including the Wilmington Riverfront, the DuPont Environmental Education Center, the Christina River and the historic sites of New Castle.

 The new course will be USATF certified and satisfy requirements for those looking to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

 Stay tuned for more details, course maps and turn-by-turn directions that will be announced in the coming weeks.

MarkellTrail_Logo_RGB_color 2
photo credits: Mike Morris/Delaware Greenways

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Train & Stay Motivated with our Strava Group

Strava is a social fitness network that is used to track running, and other activities using GPS data. Strava is a great platform to connect with other runners and stay motivated regardless of your training plan. Our Frederick Running Festival club allows you access the race routes, specific training segments, and stay in the loop on upcoming training events, as well as to connect with others who will be participating in the Frederick Running Festival.

Highlights from our club participants are automatically posted to the website training tab and you may find your self leading the pack!

Stay motivated and join the Frederick Running Festival Strava Team here!


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Big Freakin’ News About a New Freakin’ Challenge

Corrigan Sports Announces the Big Freakin' Deal, a Spring race challenge for those who complete any race of any distance at the Baltimore 10-Miler ("B"), the Frederick Running Festival ("F") and the Delaware Running Festival ("D").  Finishers of all 3 BFD events will receive an extra medal that will show off the fact that you are a Big Freakin' Deal. 


The BFD is a Spring Race Challenge for those who want to prove that they are a Big Freakin' Deal.  Runners must complete any race distance at the Delaware Running Festival (April 28, 2019), Frederick Running Festival (May 4-5, 2019) and the Baltimore 10-Miler (June 1, 2019).


Runners who complete all 3 races get an extra Big Freakin' Medal to add to their collection.  In addition, those who register for the BFD Challenge as a bundle save up to $5 per race.  That's $15 off when you sign up as a bundle.  Other surprise offers will come throughout the Spring.


Select the bundle with your preferred race distances from any of the 3 race registration sites.  The discount will be built into the cost.  All questions including premium sizing will be asked during the one transaction, making it super easy to get signed up. REGISTER HERE.


Following the Baltimore Ten Miler, you will receive your BFD medal for completing the 3 races.  The medal is one you will definitely want to feature in your display case... Or around your neck for a few weeks following the race.  It features two spinners and is extra BLINGY!  It is 8" long and weighs more than a pound!

Let's dream a little...   First, you run the Half in Delaware, you earn 1 medal.  Then you run the Nut Job in Frederick and earn 3 more medals.  Finally, you run the Baltimore 10-Miler and get your finisher medal plus your BFD medal, too.  That is 6 glorious medals earned over three race weekends in 3 different months.  That's on top of the 4 awesome race premiums you will also earn! Not a bad haul!

And DON'T FORGET, if you sign up at the same time using the Bundle Option on the website, you will save up to $15 Off compared to registering for the races separately. (Note:  If you decide later that you really are a BFD but have already registered for one or more of the required races without using the bundle option, no problem.  Simply register for your required races separately and use THIS FORM to link your entries.  The deadline to link your entries is May 1.)

APRIL 28, 2019

Full Marathon
Team Relay

May 4-5, 2019

Team Relay
Nut Job Challenge
Twilight 5K (Sat.)

June 1, 2019




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Earn Cash & Prizes for Bringing Your Friends

Invite your friends to join you at the Delaware Running Festival. If you get 5 friends to sign up using your special referral link that is contained in your confirmation email , you will receive a refund of up to $25.00 as our Thank You!

PLUS if you refer 10 or more friends you will earn an exclusive gifts like an Under Armour backpack, Native Eyewear Sunglasses or an Garmin Watch! These gift items are ONLY available through our referral program so don’t miss out on the opportunity! Rewards are cumulative so you can earn ALL the prizes if you keep recruiting!

Referred registrants MUST use the unique URL that is contained in your confirmation email in order to receive credit for their entry. The system will keep track of your referrals through this link and cannot be added retroactively. Cash refund will go back to the credit card you used when you registered. Refund amount is limited to the amount paid (so if your entry fee was less than $25, you will only receive what you paid back). Referral Rewards program is not valid for Kids Fun Run or Charity Team registrations. If you are signing with a Charity Team, you are not eligible for cash refunds or any prizes.

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Wrapping Up the 2018 Delaware Running Festival

The Delaware Running Festival was started in 2004 to provide those runners who were seeking to complete a marathon in every state a way to check Delaware off their list.  Over those 15 years, the event has added other distances, tweaked the course and changed the benefits.  But the one thing that has always stayed constant is the strong and loyal support of the community and the runners who participate.

In 2019, we look forward to continue to grow the Delaware Running Festival to include runners of all levels and age groups while remaining the best option for future members of the 50-State Marathon Club to check “The First State” off their bucket list.  Here is how we plan to do it:

THE COURSE–  Most runners rave about the beauty of the course and how it takes them through some of the most scenic parts of Wilmington.  We will continue to highlight these landmarks but plan to tweak the course to remove some of the sharp turns and unclear course features that sometimes cause confusion amongst the runners.  While doing so, we will unify the full, half and relay courses so everyone uses the same routes. We will use buses to shuttle relay runners of legs 2 & 4 to an exchange point on the course.  The full marathon will likely remain a double-loop course as the infrastructure of Wilmington and its city services are not conducive to a 26.2-mile layout.

ONE RACE DAY– As a way to better celebrate all the participants’ accomplishments and increase the excitement that a larger crowd brings, we will hold the 5K and Kids Fun Run on the same day as the full marathon, half-marathon and 4-person relay.   We are exploring our options so we can continue to offer the Dare Devil Challenge as a race option. We hope that bringing everyone together will fill the park and add to the buzz on race day.

EXPO–  We received some very positive feedback on the indoor expo that was added in 2018.  Next year we have secured a larger room in the same hotel that will allow us to include more vendors and provide more space for the race logistics.

BENEFITS– We will continue to offer some of the best premiums in the business with the high quality, name brand race shirts, free race photos for all finishers, finisher medals for every race and other amenities.  We willl also make adjustment to the pricing schedule to keep costs down.  Runners who commit early can take advantage of our preferred early bird rates and register at a discount.

DATE– We know the Spring race calendar in the Mid-Atlantic is a busy one. With races in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland and the coastline all competing for participants, there is really no “perfect” time.  We did feel it was important for the long-term success of the event to move off of Mother’s Day.  We have decided to remain the last weekend in April and run on Sunday, April 28.

We appreciate all those who took the time to complete the survey. Your feedback is instrumental in the continued success of the Delaware Running Festival.  We know that runners have lots of options these days and we hope we remain your race of choice.

Registration will open soon for the 16th Annual Delaware Running Festival.  We will send an email once it available.  Stay tuned!


Lee Corrigan

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Your Race Photos are Ready

Your Race Photos are Ready for Viewing HERE

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