Michael Faia, Philadelphia, PA

Michael Faia

About 5 years ago, Michael decided to get more serious about running and signed up for my first half marathon. There has been no looking back as he’s tackled multiple halves (15 and counting), a marathon, and even a 50k.

Michael still runs “”just for the fun of it”” but does love the fancy bling races offer. He’s also amazed by the social aspect as he’s joined several different running groups which have lead to lasting friendships. If you pass him, you’ll probably get a high five, and if he passes you, give him one!

The newly designed Delaware Running Festival Marathon course will mark his 2nd full.

Tracy Davis, Oxford, PA

Tracy Davis

Tracy is a fun-loving trail and road runner who was literally saved by running. To her, every race is fun and all distances bring a smile to her face. More than anything, she enjoys all the great friends she’s met throughout her personal running journey.






Shelby Moser, Newark, DE

Shelby Moser

Shelby is a 25 year old healthcare professional. Originally from Nashville, she moved to Delaware to start her master’s degree. She fell in love with the area and decided to stay.

In 2018, she decided to start training for her first race. After losing over 130 pounds, the next step was to focus on her fitness journey. Running became more than just exercise for her. Every worry seemed to disappear while running. She completed her first half marathon in 2 hrs 23 min.

The Delaware Running Festival will be her third half marathon.

April Arnold, Columbia, MD

April Arnold

April has been training for races since middle school. There’s something magic about race day that brings her back after two 50ks, nine marathons, and one half Ironman. April is excited to train for the Delaware Running Festival for her first sub-2 half!





Laura Bianco, Wilmington, DE

Laura Bianco

Although she has some great childhood memories involving running, it wasn’t until about 10 years later that Laura began to enjoy it and saw it as something other than a chore.

She began to challenge herself to run longer each time and is constantly surprised about what she was capable of. She decided to run her first half marathon, which quickly led to running a full marathon. This year’s Delaware Marathon will be her 21st full marathon.

Running allows Laura to constantly challenge herself.  She loves that it is so simple – she can just throw on her running shoes and go out for a run. Running has also connected her with so many great people and organizations.

Julie Harper, Dover, DE

Julie Harper

Julie is a 38-year-old mother of one, lovely lady, and all around lover of things health/fitness related! She started her fitness journey about four years ago with a health scare.

When she began she could barely run 400 meters. Through goal-setting and with the help of coaches and friends, she lost a total of 85 pounds, gained a whole bunch of muscle and even more importantly, confidence! Julie fell in love with running as a safe and healthy outlet for daily stress while helping maintain a fit & active lifestyle.

She loves to inspire and challenge others to become more active!

Kristen O'Connell, Flourtown, PA

Julie Harper

Kristen is a long distance runner and has been running since 2004. She’s had many ups and downs with her running, but continues through it all. Recently she has found a new love for coaching!




Laura Lunardi, West Chester, PA

Laura Lunardi

Laura is a trail and road racer who has enjoyed victories in every distance from 5K to ultramarathons. She ran the inaugural Delaware marathon, placing 2nd. In 206 she returned to place 3rd, then won in 2017!

In addition, Laura raced the Pro Spartan obstacle course circuit from 2013-2017, finishing as top master female those last 3 years.

She is also a mom of five and played field hockey and lacrosse at the University of Delaware.

Claudia Mastriana, Newark, DE

Claudia Mastriana

Claudia grew up in Germany. In 2012, she knew she needed to make positive changes in her life. She enrolled in the YMCA’s Couch-2-5k program and it changed her life forever!

Everything snowballed from there: she started strength training and training for longer distances (half marathon, marathon, 50k, 12 hour race) and finally became a RRCA Certified Running Coach! She’s super excited to run the marathon at this year’s Delaware Running Festival.

Colleen Dahlem, Chevy Chase, MD

Colleen Dahlem

Colleen is an avid runner racing distances from the one miler to full marathons. She’s run 20 half marathons and “nothing compares to celebrating at the finish line of the Delaware Half Marathon!”

When not running, she dabbles in the triathlon world, is a mom, kindergarten teacher, kids run coach and fitness instructor.


Daniel Pelham, Wilmington, DE

Daniel Pelham

Daniel was born and raised in Washington DC but didn’t call Delaware his permanent home until he met his wife, a Delaware native, and subsequently stayed and settled in.

Daniel’s wife decided to run a marathon and he decided to join her and run for one of their favorite charities. Once he caught the race bug, he was hooked. He has worked as a personal trainer, CrossFit coach, and/or nutritionist for 20+ years.

His goals are to be as fit as possible for the rest of his life, age gracefully, be a good husband, father, community member, and help as many people as possible along the way.


Corrigan Sports sends a heartfelt Thank You to all of our dedicated Ambassadors.  We appreciate you helping to spread the love of the Delaware Running Festival!