Marathon Awards


Cash awards of $1000; $500; $250 will be given to the top three overall male and female marathon winners. Cash awards of $200 and $100 will be given to the top two overall male and female marathon masters winners. Plus Time Bonus awards are potentially available (see below).

A $1000 bonus will be given to the overall male and female winner if they set a new record for the fastest marathon time ever run on Delaware soil. The fastest marathon times ever run in Delaware are currently 2:21:37, by Titus Rotich of Kenya, set at our 2014 Delaware Marathon™ and 2:52:11, by Lydia Carrick of Wilmington, DE (now Oregon), who set the female record at our 2013 Delaware Marathon™.

This bonus will be doubled to $2000 if the Delaware Resident marathon records are broken. The Delaware Resident Marathon records are 2:20:07, set in 1975, by Dan Rincon at the Baltimore Marathon and 2:44:39, set in 2007, by Meredith Lambert at the Eugene (OR) Marathon. Candidates must be permanent Delaware residents for at least six months prior to registration and remain a resident on the day of the race.

Can you set an event record from your home state? If so, you will be listed in our Home State award page and receive $25 credit towards a future DMRF event.
Check out our Top Finishers by State page to see if you can qualify. Please note: we still need a female runner from MT to run in Delaware.

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Additionally, our award winning unique bobble head (M&F) runner awards will be given to 89 Delaware Marathon™ runners as follows:

Overall Male Open (3 deep)
Overall Female Open (3 deep)
Overall Male Masters (2 deep)
Overall Female Masters (2 deep)

First Male Delaware Resident marathon finisher
First Female Delaware Resident marathon finisher wins the Denise McFadden Memorial Award.
First First-Time Male marathon finisher
First First-Time Female marathon finisher

Plus, three deep in Five-Year (M&F) Age Groups, as follows: Under 19; 20-24; 25;29; 30-34; 35-39; 40-44; 45-49; 50-54; 55-59; 60-64; 65-60; 70 -74, 75-79, 80 & over.

Time Bonus Awards

If you fall outside the top 3 places but achieve the following time goals, you will be awarded a cash prize.

Note:  only one cash prize per individual.  Overall winners are not eligible to double dip for age group awards.  Time bonus based on chip time.

Full Marathon Time Bonus
Male Sub 2:30:00 $200
Male Sub 2:40:00 $100
Male Sub 2:45:00 $75
Female Sub 2:55:00 $200
Female Sub 3:00:00 $100
Female Sub 3:05:00 $75


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To view the Delaware Marathon™ award winners and results in each event, click here.