All Runners get their Delaware Running Festival photos for FREE!

That’s right, this year everyone will get access to Free Race Photos!  Participants will have the ability to share all their race photos on Facebook and/or download them at no charge after the race. Non-facebook users will have access to photos online that will be available about 7 days after the race.

We encourage you to opt in early and have your Free Race Photos post directly to your Facebook account once they go live after the race.  Those who opt in to post to Facebook will be entered into drawing to win one of 10 free entries into the 2019 Delaware Running Festival.

Photos can be retrieved in two ways.

1) Pic2Go (instant gratification)- Using innovative technology from Pic2Go, your FREE race photos can be posted to your Facebook account, some while you are still out on the course! It’s easy, all you have to do is:


  • Enter your bib number (released by April 23).
  • Select continue and choose how you’d like to share your photos (Public, Friends, Only Me).  If you select Only Me, you can delete any photos you don’t want to share, then click on the album in Facebook and “Change to Shared Album”
  • Your photos will begin to post to an album on your Facebook timeline within 24 hours.  Additional photos may post to your album throughout the week as they are manually tagged. You can remove any photos you don’t want to keep.

2) Lasting High-Resolution Images- No Facebook account is needed.

  • This option will be available 7 days after race day, after all of the photo tagging is complete.
  • You can view and download your photos in high resolution, and can also purchase individual prints, race album packages or race branded products.
  • Check back later for details.



Be sure to wear your bib on the front to ensure the photographers capture your bib number in the photos and keep your race bib uncovered and in clear view. We recommend stopping your watch a few seconds after crossing the finish line so it may be possible to identify your photograph. Be sure to stop by the finisher’s photo station just after you cross the finish line to capture the moment!