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Timing & Scoring

NOVA Timing Systems will utilize the MyLaps Disposable Bib tag system for the marathon and half marathon. No other timing chip may be worn.  One of the many goals of the MyLaps system is to simplify the timing process for athletes. A single-use tag eliminates the need for several organizational choke points that allow the athletes to spend more time focusing on their competition and less time waiting in lines. Shorter lines before the race to pick up your bib and chip and no line to return your tag or chip afterward are just some of the benefits to the MyLaps system.  No transferring of assigned chips is permitted, as they are computer coded to your race number and to your personal race day data (event, age, gender, etc.).

For the 4 person and 8 person relay teams we will use the MyLaps Disposable Multi-Sport Tag.   No other timing chip may be worn.

Timing mats will be strategically placed along the course.  You must cross all the timing mats to be accurately scored.  Your chip transmits a unique signal which enables our computers to record your official “chip” time.

The MyLaps system will give you both an official “gun” time as well as an unofficial “net” time from when you cross over the starting mats.  You and your chip must pass over both mat systems (start and finish) in order to receive your “net” time.  If your start time is not recorded, you will only receive your “gun” time.  Competitive runners seeking to win age group categories are encouraged to position themselves near the front of the starting line for the best official “gun” time results.

“Gun” times for all runners will be submitted to the USATF.  Due to USATF Rule 136, the official order of finish for State and National records and rankings will be based on gun time.  As the USA-TF sanctions our race, we must abide by this rule.  “Net” times are unofficial and are for your personal use only.  We will submit “chip” times to Boston.  Website results will be posted with both gun and net times.

Runner Bib Numbers

Race numbers are assigned at the discretion of the Race Director.  Race numbers for the Marathon are from 1 to 1000.  Race numbers for the 4 Person Relay Marathon are from 1101 to 1300.  Race numbers for the 8 Person Relay race numbers are from 1501 to 1575. Race numbers for the Half Marathon are from 2001 through 3500.  Elite runners and special guests in the marathon and half marathon will be given the first 25 race bibs.

Each event is a different color to identify participants: Marathon (orange), Half Marathon (green); 4P Relay (Yellow) and 8P Relay (Baby Blue).   Marathon and Half Marathon bib numbers will contain the participant’s name and number.  All members of a relay team wear the same number – the last member of the relay team wears the bib with the tear-off tag.   Email us if you wish to have your nickname changed on your race bib.

Each member of a Relay Team and all Half Marathoners will also wear a race tag on the back of their clothing, so that the marathoners know they are being passed or are following a Half Marathoner or a Relay Team runner. The final (fourth/eighth) relay team member must wear the race number with the tear off tag, so that the race officials know you are the final team member for your team.

If the information on your race number is incorrect, please let the volunteers at registration know or seek out a volunteer at the START / FINISH.   DO NOT REMOVE THE LABEL. Remember to keep your race number as your official race number will grant you entry into the post race refreshment area.

Athlete Tracking

NOVA Timing Systems will be providing athlete tracking for the Full and Half Marathon.  Athletes and spectators can sign up to receive email and text message updates as well as Facebook and Twitter posts every time a runner passes a timing point.  Splits include the Start, 4mile, 13.1mile, 17mile and Finish Line.

Runner tracking sign up is now open!  Click HERE to track a participant.
This feature is only available for the Full and Half Marathons.