Event Transportation

Sunday Transportation:

Christiana Health Care SystemOn race day, only limited transportation from the Christiana Care Transportation Department will be available and it is strongly suggested everyone drive to the race START. There is plenty of parking in the Riverfront area and only limited race provided transportation will be available on race day. If at all possible, please offer your fellow runner a shared ride to the START.

A 25 seat Christiana Care shuttle will arrive at the downtown Sheraton Suites at 5:10 am and depart at 5:15 am; arrive at the downtown Marriott Courtyard at 5:20 am and depart at 5:25 am; arrive at the downtown Doubletree at 5:30 and depart at 5:35 and arrive at Tubman Park at 5:40 am. This shuttle will return to the Sheraton at 6:00 am and depart at 6:05 am; arrive at the Courtyard at 6:10 am and depart at 6:15 am; arrive at the downtown Doubletree at 6:20 and depart at 6:25; and arrive at the Riverfront at 6:30 am.

Return transportation from the Riverfront back to the downtown host hotels will depart the Riverfront on the half hour beginning at 10:30 am. Departures will continue on the half hour until 1:30 pm. The Riverfront shuttle stop is across from the Wilmington Bus Station on S. French Street (across the street from the front of the Wilmington Amtrak Station). If you need transportation back to your hotel after 1:30, please let the race organizers know and we’ll arrange a ride. Email us if you need to be added to the shuttle list.

Please note: The CCHS race shuttles do not service the Concord Pike, Route 13, or Newark hotels. Please check directly with your hotel for other transportation options.  Also, the new Riverfront Westin hotel is an easy 10 minute walk on the Riverwalk from the Start Finish.

Location of Tubman Garrett Riverfront Park:

Tubman Garrett Riverfront Park is located at the intersection S. Market Street and Rosa Parks Drive just off Martin Luther King Boulevard on the Christina River. It is located adjacent to the Wilmington AMTRAK Station and the Capital One bank offices on S. Orange Street and the Riverfront Market on S. Market Street and Water Street. If you want to Google an address: use 100 S. French Street, Wilmington, DE 19801. Directions