2013 Delaware Relay Marathon – 8P Course Description – 3.275 Mile (Team Relay)


Where is the START/ Finish? Tubman Garrett Riverfront Park is located on Rosa Parks Drive, which is between the AMTRAK Station and the Riverfront Market at South Market Street and Water Street, a quick right turn and under the RR tracks from MLK Boulevard.

START LAP 1 ONLY: is at the official START banners on Rosa Parks Drive, located at the entrance/exit to the Rivefront Parking Deck.  Immediately, turn left into the parking lot at Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park.  Go through the parking lot, crossing the official timing mats, and make a left turn onto the RiverWalk.

START LAPS 2-8: You will exchange timing chips with your preceding runner within the Relay Transition Area, which is inside the Tubman parking lot.  The waiting runner should look for their teammate – you all wear the same number – remove their timing strap and place it on your own leg.  Leave the back of the lot and make an immediate left onto the RiverWalk, taking caution of any merging marathon runners. 

IMPORTANT: you MUST wear the strap on your ankle.  It is not designed for your wrist and may not work properly if not velcro’d to your ankle.  

All LAPS: Continue to the end of the RiverWalk.  Make a left off the RiverWalk between the EDiS and Amtrak buildings onto N. Poplar Street.  Proceed one block to E. Front Street.  Make a right onto E. Front Street.  Run past the warehouses and Christina River Park to E. Fourth Street.  Make a left onto the right lane of E. Fourth Street and run back towards N. Walnut Street.  Across from the Wilmington Police Department parking lot, make a right and a left into the small WHA Apartment parking lot and proceed the one half block to N. Walnut Street.  Make a right onto N. Walnut Street.  Proceed in the right lane of N. Walnut Street to E. 16th Street.

At the end of Walnut Street, make a left onto the left lane of E. 16th Street.  Stay to the left of the small road island at King Street and cross into the left lane of the N. Market Street bridge.  After crossing the bridge, make a left onto Glen Avenue/N. Park Drive. Proceed to the 8P turnaround sign – which will be affixed to a road barrel on Glen Avenue/N. Park drive.

Go around the 8P Relay Turnaround Cones and return to Market Street via Glen Avenue/N. Park Drive.  Stay to your right, go around the cones, and come back on the Market Street bridge via the sidewalk. (Against runner flow).  Once you clear the S. Park Drive / N. King Street intersection, merge back into the returning mara/half/4p relay runner flow and proceed up King Street past Rodney Square to the Riverfront via N. King Street.  Make a right at the very end of King Street onto Front Street, go one block, and turn left onto S. Market Street.  Proceed under the RR tracks and return to the Tubman Parking lot.

NOTE – All runners (mara/half/relay) will follow “ORANGE” road markings until you reach the end of N. King Street and make the right onto East Front Street (MLK BlVD).  At this point, color coded road markings will assist you to your destination.

FINISH All LAPS: The finish for all relay runners is in the Tubman parking lot.  Do NOT come down the FINISH chutes for the marathon and half marathon.

Color Coded Road Markings: As you approach Tubman Park on MLK & S. Market Street, begin looking for the “BLUE” road markings.  Stay in the middle!  The Half Marathoners will be on your LEFT (GREEN Markings) and the Marathoners will be on your RIGHT (ORANGE Markings). The Half Marathoners will enter the FINISH chute and proceed to their FINISH line. The marathoners will stay outside of the coned lanes and head back onto the RiverWalk heading towards the Riverfront Market, to begin lap 2.

Again – your finish is in the Tubman Parking lot!